Web Grab

Shake images from your PC to your phone.

Getting Started with Web Grab

1Installing the Web Grab plug-in

Click "Install Plug-in" to go to the Chrome Web Store.
Select "Sign in to Add" and log in with your Google account.
Back on the Web Grab installation page, select "Add to Chrome".
Select "Add" in the pop-up window. Web Grab will be added to Chrome.

2Using Web Grab

To link your WeChat account to the plug-in, click on the plug-in icon and scan the QR code that appears with WeChat's "Scan QR Code" function.
The plug-in will be enabled and you can now shake your phone to transfer web pages.
The plug-in will be enabled automatically from now on whenever you open your browser.

3Unlinking your WeChat ID

You can unlink your WeChat ID from the browser in the browser plug-in's Settings menu.
Or, you can unlink it from your phone in WeChat's Shake function's Settings menu.

4Uninstalling Web Grab

Right-click on plug-in icon and select "Remove from Chrome" to uninstall the plug-in. Your WeChat ID will be unlinked from the plug-in automatically when you uninstall.